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Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design

Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST) - Warehouse of information on sustainable energy. Site includes content of the "Greening of the White House" CD-ROM, archives from the greenbuilding and strawbale email lists, documents and databases on bioenergy, geothermal, hydrogen fuel, solar, wind power, economics, education, policy, many related issues. Efficiency - U.S. Department of Energy site provides general information.

Environmental Building News - Periodical on environmentally responsible design and construction. Site contains detailed articles, reviews, and news stories.

Green Building Information Council - Canadian organization focuses on energy-efficiency and other environmental issues in building design and construction.

Southface Energy Institute - Georgia organization provides solar energy information and other resources.

Plans and Information for Owner-Builders

Center for Owner-Builder Education - Thoughts on the owner-builder process, links to educational resources.

Cob Cottage Company - Training, workshops and information on building sculptural earthen homes using cob, an old English building technique. - Plans, resources and tools for building an independent life in the country. Active and informative interactive BBS discussion.

Open Directory: Home/Homeowners/Construction_Information - Links to varied sites on this topic.

The Not So Big House - Articles, links and information on home design by Sarah Susanka, author of the Not So Big House book.

Yestermorrow Design Build School - Hands-on home design and building classes for owner/builders, no previous experience required. Architecture courses for student credit. Located in Vermont. Site includes online resources and links.

Personal Home-Building Journals

Adobe by the Rio Grande - Journal of professional contractor building a custom adobe house. Many photos of details.

Building a Custom Home - Personal diary by a family building a home.

Work on New House; Sudbury River - Family's floor plans and several photos of the progress.

Salvage and Recycling

Internet Resale Directory lists secondhand, surplus and salvage businesses around the country

Rummaging through Northern California lists secondhand, surplus and salvage businesses around the San Francisco Bay. Their article on Architectural and Building Salvage lists many Bay Area salvage opportunities.

The California Materials Exchange, a service of the California Integrated Waste Management Board, has a searchable data base of all kinds of materials one might use in construction or other ventures.

Recycler's World has a section on used home renovation materials, but currently only a few listings, midwest and east coast.

Whole House Building Supply - Nonprofit organization south of San Francisco that conducts salvage sales of houses slated for demolition or large-scale remodeling. See my Salvage! page for more information.

Commercial Sites

eBuild - Online guide to building products.

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