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Surf Shoe at Pacifica Beach

Someone on asked about a surf shoe. I took these photos of Dave Kim in his surf shoe November 1987 at Pacifica (just south of San Francisco). Sorry about the grain on the first two -- a 200mm lens wasn't quite long enough to fill the frame so they're cropped quite a bit.

thumbnail Carving the wave face. (79 k)
thumbnail Here it looks as though he's flying -- see the shadow under the bow of the boat. (76 k)
thumbnail Close-up gives a better picture. (36 k)

Prijon Gambler in Lava Falls

And this is for the poster who said that the Prijon Gambler isn't a great surf boat. He may very well be right, but I couldn't resist showing this photo of Mike Beck surfing the huge wave at the bottom of Lava Falls (Grand Canyon) in his Gambler in October 1994. It doesn't hurt that Mike has long arms and a lot of speed.

thumbnail (63 k)


Mt. Baldy

The Ledge


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